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Why was the Symmons Readystock program created? The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly every area of life on a globally felt scale. It has dramatically shed light on the flaws and weaknesses in many of our vital systems and the global supply chain has been no exception.

Across all industries, companies question what the “new normal” precisely means. Most expect that it entails great sacrifice and operating below pre-pandemic levels.

Luckily, the Symmons ReadyStock program is a perfect example of how an industry-leading company can adapt to trying times, becoming more resilient and valuable to its customers.

How We Got Here

The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for ushering in the chain of events from which we still have not recovered.

First, as countries shut down and workers were laid off en masse, it was assumed that people would decrease their spending. Manufacturers and shipping companies dropped their production as they prepared for a sharp drop in consumer demand.

In reality, consumer demand didn’t change but evolved; the need for medical supplies surged, as did the market for other goods, like the ones needed to transform the home into a 24/7 living space.

Secondly, the drop in manufacturer production resulted in a shipping container shortage as many containers stopped circulating as they once had.

Third, the problem was exacerbated by a lack of dockworkers and truck drivers needed to unload materials. This led to chaos at the ports. Cargo ships sat at sea, waiting for days, sometimes weeks, to be emptied.

Finally, strained supply chains have led to component shortages for many products and inflation is now at levels we haven’t seen since 1981.[1]

Supply Chain Challenges Continue

Two years into the pandemic, Covid case numbers are declining. However, the supply chain disruption still hasn’t let fully let up as the pain of inflation is all too real.

Number of Containerships Anchored Off US Ports [2]

Plumbing Wholesale Suppliers and Contractors have been forced to live with the difficulty of nailing down lead times in day-to-day business operations. Emergency cases, especially, put plumbers in a bind when crucial parts needed to solve the problem are delayed for weeks.

Additionally, reputations have suffered as lead-time expectations get pushed further and further back, and projects are delayed due to the long wait for products.

Say Hello to Symmons Readystock Program (…and Goodbye to Long Lead Times)

Luckily, there are manufacturers out there, like Symmons. Amid this global chaos, they are not only weathering the storm but turning this experience into an opportunity to deliver on one of their core brand promises: reliability.

Through its ReadyStock program, the team at Symmons is guaranteeing that all products in their vast ReadyStock collection will ship within three days – regardless of order quantity.

This level of reliability allows contractors (and suppliers) to have greater confidence in their ability to complete projects on time and on budget.

Products in the Symmons ReadyStock Program

The ReadyStock program is available across the whole range of Symmons products categories, such as:

Additionally, Symmons still offers plenty of choice in terms of finishes. Matte black, satin nickel, stainless steel, and brushed-bronze are available in addition to the standard chrome-plated finish.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to reduce your lead times on plumbing products and get jobs done faster and without the headache, give the Symmons ReadyStock program a try. You will thank yourself.

Trying to times like these takes teamwork and planning to succeed. No one understands this better than Symmons. By partnering with them, you get a product that ships quickly and has an incredible quality backed by a 10-year warranty at a competitive price.

“I process Symmons Readystock orders all the time and can attest to how well the program works. When Symmons says an order will be ready to ship in 3 days, regardless of the size — they mean it.”

Alex Corner, Symmons Line Manager, Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc.

If you are a supplier, contractor, or building owner in Michigan who would like to utilize the ReadyStock program, please contact us.

(You can refer to the Symmons’ Rep Directory to contact a sales representative in your region if you’re outside Michigan.)


[1] Dominic R. (2022, April 12). US inflation climbed to 8.5% in March, highest rate since 1981. The Guardian.,labor%20department%20announced%20on%20Tuesday.

[2] Number of Containerships Anchored Off US Ports, Bureau of Transportation Statistics

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