10 Chronomite Electric Tankless Hot Water Heaters (+ Benefits)

Electric Tankless Water Heaters — Your Introduction

Electric Tankless Water Heaters are more popular than ever. In response to climate change and the global need for increased energy efficiency, their demand is surging in the marketplace. In fact, PMR market research agency expects an 80% market share of electric tankless water heaters by 2031.[1]

One manufacturer, Chronomite, is continually developing electric tankless water heater solutions that will meet the market’s need for comfort, safety, and sustainability demands.

In this article, we’ll explore one type of tankless water heater — the electric tankless water heater. We will briefly outline their functionality, benefits, and usage. Finally, we will look closely at Chronomite’s product lineup, detailing need-to-know aspects of each model.

Meet Chronomite

Chronomite is an exciting and innovative company that has provided people with safe, reliable, and comfortable tankless hot water for over 50 years.

Chronomite headquarters in City of Industry, CA

In 1966, founder Bob Russell found himself with a company that needed a name. He thought of a Chronometer — a type of watch that keeps precise time no matter what is happening in its surroundings. What is the “might” of the Chronometer? Its total reliability.

Bob knew that “total reliability” was the brand promise he wanted to make too, and the common thread uniting all the products his company produced. “Chronomite” was born.

Since then, Chronomite has played a key role in advancing electric tankless water heater technology. In fact, they were the first to patent a microprocessor-controlled unit in 1992. This improved the accuracy and of preset output temperatures (without sacrificing affordability).

How Do Electric Tankless Water Heaters Work? 

Understanding the basics of how Electric Tankless Water Heaters (ETHWs) work is straightforward. When a hot water tap is activated:

  1. Cold water travels into the water heater
  2. Water flow is recognized, registered to the control board, and the unit is activated
  3. An Electric Element rapidly heats the water as it passes by
  4. Water exits the unit at a set temperature
Source: Image courtesy of Chronomite®

Because ETWHs are heating moving water flowing over an electrical element, that element requires a lot of power to operate. However, there are overall energy and cost savings because the units only run as needed. (Contrast this to tank water heaters that constantly use energy to maintain the tank water’s heat, whether the user needs it or not!)

Discover the Benefits of Electric Tankless Water Heaters

The benefits of electric tankless water heaters are many. They provide energy efficiency, reliable hot water, cost savings, and safety. Additionally, they are easy to install and last longer than traditional tank water heaters.

High-power heating elementsFast, unlimited hot water
99% Energy efficiencyUtility bill savings, lower your carbon footprint
Compact SizeSpace savings
Self-cleaning to eliminate alkali and calcification buildupLow Maintenance
Controlled output temperatureSafety; scald prevention
Tankless SystemImproved hygiene; nowhere for bacteria to grow
Made in the USAQuick shipping, low carbon footprint

Where are Electric Tankless Water Heaters Used? 

The popularity of electric tankless water heaters is due, in part, to its high degree of versatility. You’ll find that a properly sized unit can go just about anywhere. To illustrate, here are some popular applications where electric tankless water heaters can be found:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Public Restrooms
  • Schools and institutions
  • Medical offices
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Showers
  • Scrub Sinks
  • Mop Sinks
  • Emergency Eye/Face Wash 
  • Emergency Safety Shower stations

Explore Chronomite’s Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Point-of-Use Type

1. Non-Thermostatic Tankless Water Heaters — Instant Flow® SR Series

The Instant Flow® SR Series provides instant and reliable hot water right where you are. It is perfect for lavs and sinks with two-handle and single-handle faucets.

View SR Series Product Page

2. Thermostatic Tankless Water Heaters — Instant Flow® C-Micro CM Series

The CM series is a compact, thermostatic tankless water heater providing reliable point-of-use hot water to users. No pressure and temperature relief valve are needed (unless code requires it). This unit will activate at just 0.2gpm.

View CM Series Product Page

3. Thermostatic Tankless Water Heaters with ASSE 1070 Mixing Valve — Compliant Mix® Model CMI Series 

The Chronomite Instant-Flow® Compliant-Mix® contains an integral thermostatic mixing valve that is ASSE1070 and ASSE 1069 compliant. Like its CM series counterpart, no pressure and temperature relief valve are needed unless required by code.

View CMI Series Product Page

Large Capacity Type

4. Single Phase Large Capacity Tankless Water Heaters — MIGHTY-mite® R Series 

Chronomite’s Might-Mite® R series Large Capacity Water Heater is a point-of-use unit that will handle flows of up to 5.0GPM. This is great for use with multiple lavs, a kitchen sink and dishwashers, and more.

View R-Series Product Page

5. Single-Phase Twins™ & Triplets™ Model ER Series

The Single-Phase Twins & Triplets ER series combines the power of two or three Chronomite modules into a single unit. This can provide heat for the whole home, outdoor showers, hospitality sinks, and much more.

View ER-TWINS Series Product Page

View ER-TRIPLETS Series Product Page

6. Three-Phase™ Model ER Series

The Three-Phase ER series units are similar to their single-phase counterparts but supply even more power with robust 3-phase electricity. As a result, they can provide reliable hot water to multiple fixtures even at dramatic temperature rises.

View ER-3Phase Series Product Page

7. Three-Phase Boxer® Model ERB Series

The Boxer ERB series is Chronomite’s large capacity/high flow water heater. This unit is designed for emergency showers and can deliver tepid water at a whopping 20.0GPM. Consequently, this offers tremendous savings over tank systems that must accommodate such high flow rates for emergency applications.

View ERB Series Product Page

Legacy Models

8. Instant-Flow® Micro M Series

The point-of-use thermostatic tankless water heater is ideal for manual, metering, or sensor faucets and bar and utility sinks.

View Micro M® Series Product Page

9. Instant-Temp® Model E Series

This point-of-use thermostatic solution is also used for situations described in the Instant-Flo® Micro Model M, but also has an option for de-ionized water applications.

Instant-Temp Model E Product Page

10. Instant-Flow® Micro Mix® Model MM Series 

The Micro Mix® Model M series is ideal for public lavatories and comes standard with an external ASSE 1070 compliant thermostatic mixing valve.

Instant-Flow Micro-Mix Product Page

Chronomite Omni Flow Controls

The Chronomite Omni Flow Controls will allow you to reduce usage water usage and maximize the performance and efficiency of your tankless water heater. Flow Controls are available for faucets and showerheads, with Laminar Flow or Soft Flow, and with male, female or dual threads. 

Explore your Chronomite Omni Flow Control options here

BONUS: The Chronomite Mini Tank (CMT) Water Heater

In addition to electric tankless water heaters, Chronomite® Mini Tankless (CMT) units are available to provide hot water on demand. These units have a small buffer tank, similar to the Vesta VH-199 Condensing Hybrid Water Heater. In contrast, however, the CMTs are all electric and more compact, able to fit under a kitchen sink if necessary.

Chronomite Kwik-Ship Brands

The Global Pandemic wreaked havoc on supply chains around the world. Consequently, prices surged, and lead times exploded as product shortages crippled entire industries.

Fortunately, Chronomite, a member of Morris Group International, shares the benefits of Kwik Ship Brand Promise with its customers. Any Chronomite electric tankless water heaters available through the Kwik Ship program is guaranteed to be in stock and locally available for quick delivery. 

Introducing the InviZible™ Z-Series Water Heaters

Chronomite isn’t done innovating. Their latest release is the InviZible™ Series – the world’s first concealed tankless water heaters. This collection sees the CM, CMI, and R series units mounted in clean, white access panels. Not only will your installation be unassuming and attractive, but the water heater will be tucked safely away from users, wholly hidden from view.

CASE STUDY: Our Chronomite Story

We use Chronomite at Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc. When our office building was built, it wasn’t plumbed for hot water. As you can imagine, with our agency located in Michigan, the groundwater is F-R-I-G-I-D. Let’s just say that washing a coffee left some icy-cold hands!

To solve the problem, we decided to install two Chronomite units in the office: one for the restroom (an SR) and one under the kitchen sink in the break room (CMT).

The results have been as expected – great. The SR in the restroom is set to deliver tepid water and works like a charm.

The CMT works amazingly well. When someone walks into the breakroom and turns on the hot water tap, in 2 seconds, water is warm. By second #3, the water is HOT. (This is when it hasn’t been used in a while. If it was used recently, the water comes out instantly hot).

We like to recommend Chronomite because we use it every day ourselves. It’s a product we can stand behind 100%. It will deliver on its promise to provide hot water comfortably, reliably, and efficiently.


Electric Tankless Water Heaters promise to provide fast, reliable, efficient, and safe hot water making them an excellent choice for use in hot water systems of all types. Furthermore, they are compact and highly adaptable, with a wide range of power configurations and options. Finally, they provide safety benefits, including preventing scalding and stopping the spread of waterborne diseases.

For these reasons, it is no surprise that their popularity has soared as an alternative to traditional tank-type water heating systems.

If you’re interested in Electric Tankless Water Heaters, Chronomite is a worthy candidate for consideration. Chronomite has a history of producing cost-effective and innovative solutions engineered for maximum performance and value.

Please Contact Us so we can help you size and select the correct Chronomite Electric Tankless Water Heater for the hot water needs of your next project.


  1. Tankless Water Heater Market is estimated to register a steady CAGR of close to 6% over the forecast period of 2021-2031” https://www.prnewswire.com/, March 15, 2022,

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