In Stock: Acorn Terrazzo-Ware™ Mop Sinks

Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc. is now stocking select models of Acorn Terrazzo-Ware™ mop sinks at our Oak Park location. This translates to faster lead times, no freight damage and reduced shipping costs for you and your customers.
Acorn Terrazzo is made of quality precast Portland cement and marble chips which are smoothed and then sealed for a highly durable and sanitary surface that will last for years under even the toughest conditions. All corners are coved and basin floors are pitched for effective drainage and cleaning. Acorn also offers a full line of accessories to make each installation complete.

Standard & Reduced Height Series

Terrazzo Reduced Height (TRH) mop sinks provide a durable and dependable solution for any environment. They come with a stainless steel grid strainer, 3” mop sink gasket and a 3” inside caulk waste pipe connection. Stainless steel caps on the edges are available for added protection and cnip resistance.

Models In Stock:

  • TSH-24-SSC-KDG3 (24” x 24”)
  • TSH-24-KDG3 (24” x 24”)
  • Reduced Height (10” high)
  • TRH-242410-SSC-KDG3 (24” x 24”)
  • TRH-242410-KDG3 (24” x 24”)

Drop Front

Terrazzo Drop Front (TDF) mop sinks ensure easy front access. A stainless steel cap comes standard on the front edge for added protection. A stainless steel grid strainer, 3” mop sink gasket and 3” inside caulk drain comes standard with unit.

Models In Stock:

  • TDF-24-SSC-KDG3 (24” x 24”)
  • TDF-24-KDG3 (24” x 24”)

Corner Model

Terrazzo Neo-Corner (TNC) provide an attractive soluction when a corner-installation is preferred. Sleek angles and a stainless steel capped drop-front make this unit a functional and attractive addition to any mop room. A stainless steel grid strainer, 3” mop sink gasket and 3” inside caulk drain is also provided.

Models In Stock:

  • TNC-24-KDG3 (24”)

Contact Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc. to enjoy the benefits of Acorn Terrazzo-Ware™ mop sinks today.

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