Sloan AER-DEC™ Integrated Sinks

Every so often a new and truly innovative product come along that is a game-changer in its class. The Sloan AER-DEC™ sink system is no exception. The unit seamlessly integrates consumer needs and demands into one elegant and truly unique product that beautifully marries form and function.

    Sloan AER-DEC sinks are engineered to be:

  • Hygienic
  • Safe
  • Customizable
  • Energy Saving
  • Cost Saving
  • Water Saving


The AER-DEC’s originality lies in its patent-pending AirBasin technology. This system is key to the sinks functionality; as the air intake dams located in the sinks rim redirect air and water, eliminating any backsplash or updraft that would otherwise occur.

The clean, durable and contemporarily designed basins come in Quartz (Silestone® or DuPont™ Zodiaq®) or DuPont Corian®, with 100+ color options.

Standard with sizes are 30”, 60”, 90” or 120” and custom widths are available, making AER-DEC™ an excellent fit for any environment.

LED lights are also available as an option, for projects requiring a genuinely distinct and remarkable atmosphere.

Touch-Free Dispenser

The Sloan soap dispenser provides a hands-free, hygienic way for users to wash their hands. The sensor-operated unit dispenses a pre-measured amount of solvent which reduces waste (and drips). A low-soap indicator light conveniently alerts maintenance staff when a refill bottle is needed.

Basys Faucet

The AER-DEC system employs the Sloan’s Basys line of faucets. Sloan spent two years conducting field research, interviewing architects, engineers and plumbers to find out what they valued and needed most in a sink system — and Basys was how they answered.

With its sleek angles, the Basys design fits in perfect harmony with the AER-DEC basin. However, the faucet’s core strength lies in its adaptability and versatility. Solar, battery, hardwire, and turbine options offer power savings, while multiple body types house above deck controls for ease of maintenance and care in any environment.

High-Speed Hand Dryer

With the goal of delivering an exceptional user experience, Sloan has taken the conventional hand dryer off the wall and has placed it where it should be — on the deck next to the faucet. The deck mounted hand dryer offers a cleaner environment, as water is no longer dripped over the counter and floor as the user reaches for a wall mounted hand dryer.

Sloan’s Hand Dryers offer an adjustable sound suppression air delivery system, which makes quieter than conventional hand dryers. Also, they utilize a HEPA Air Filter to remove 99% of bacteria at .03 microns and use less energy than wall mounted units.


Durability and dependability coupled with style and sophistication make the AER-DEC well suited for high-end, high-traffic environments.

    Consider the AER-DEC for:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Corporate Offices
  • Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Airports

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