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4 Ways Sloan can Make Your Next Project Water Efficient

See how Sloan continues to innovate and shape the future of Water Efficiency through innovative design.

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Where there is water, there is life. Access to clean water has always been a keystone of civilization. From the Nile in Egypt, to the Tigris and Euphrates in Mesopotamia, from the Indus and Ganges in India to the Yellow River in China, city-states and empires have always sprung up and flourished near sources of fresh water.

This vital need for fresh water hasn’t changed over the years. With a vastly higher number of people living on the planet and a larger number of those people living in developed nations, humans are using more water than ever before. And though our planet is covered with water, only 0.3 % of it is freely available for human use.1 Climate change will also present it’s own challenge to our water supplies:

“Most of the climate change impacts come down to water… When people talk about climate change affecting agricultural output, sea level rise, wildfires and extreme weather — they’re all essentially a water story.”
Upmanu Lall, director of the Columbia Water Center, Columbia University 2

In sum, we are going to have to adapt and become smarter in the way we use our planet’s most precious resource.

Sloan is a company that values knowledge and progress and is working hard to create a more sustainable future. Since they invented the world’s first flush valve in 1906 right on up until the present-day, they are leaders in water efficiency. Their designers and engineers listen to building owners, architects, and engineers, and use their feedback to design beautiful products that add value to their environment in both form and functionality.


TruFlush Flush Valve

Sloan TruFlush Flush Valve

Sloan’s TruFlush flush valve is one Sloan’s most innovative designs yet. Feedback from architects and engineers all over the world helped create this new flush valve suited to the global market. It provides a consistent flush volume no matter what water pressure and its frontal access makes it easy to install and maintain.

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Sloan Hybrid Urinal

Properly maintained water-free urinals provide an efficient solution free of odor or clogs — in a perfect world. Public restroom users the world over know that this frequent up-keep doesn’t always happen. Enter the Sloan Hybrid Urinal System. This urinal uses Jetrinse™ Solution Technology to purge the drain and housing with water, to keep the unit clean an eliminate odors. One gallon of water is used every 72 hours, no matter how many times it’s used.

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Royal RW Reclaimed Water Flush Valve

Reclaimed water, although not good for drinking, is ideal for flushing toilets and urinals. The newest member of the Royal series, the Sloan Royal Reclaimed Water Flush Valve is designed specifically for this purpose. Reclaimed water tends to have higher chemical concentrations found in it, so to combat that this, synthetic rubber compounds replaces organic rubber and semi-red brass is used on all critical components to withstand the harsher water.

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Reduced-Flush 1.1 Gpf System

Sloan continues to push the limits of water savings with it’s 1.1 gpf flash valve and fixture comby units. With flush volumes this low, it’s important that the flush valve and bowl are designed to work in harmony together so that waste is removed and the drain line is clear – otherwise users need to flush a second time and the effort is wasted and a 1.28 gpf or 1.6 gpf solution is preferable. With this in mind Sloan has designed a system for maximum water savings that still gets the job done.

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Sloan is a company that was built on water efficiency. With over a century’s worth of experience, Sloan’s design-driven and sustainably smart products are more relevant than ever. As our need for water-efficient products increases, Sloan proves that the best of both worlds is available: aesthetically pleasing, design-driven products that meet and exceed today’s performance standards.


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