Choose StreamLabs for a Smarter Home

Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc. is excited to represent a unique brand that brings your home’s plumbing system into the 21st century. Using today’s technology and connectivity, StreamLabs keeps an eye on your plumbing 24/7 and ensures that no costly leaks occur on its watch. Water leaks can be very damaging and costly to fix – let StreamLabs ensure this never happens in your home.


Knowledge is Power

StreamLabs leak detection systems give you a crystal-clear picture of what is happening inside your home’s pipes. As a result, you will have 24/7, real-time monitoring for:

  • Everyday Water Usage
  • Leaky Pipes & Fixtures
  • Appliance Failures & Running Toilets
  • Freezing Temperature

How Streamlabs Works

These units function by using ultra-sonic sound waves to measure the water flow inside your piping. The data is collected by the unit and is sent to your home’s wireless router and then to the free StreamLabs app. With your smartphone, you can view your home’s water usage levels and receive alerts from anywhere in the world.

Choose the Product that Meets Your Needs

Currently, two types of leak protecting products are offered. The StreamLabs Smart Home Water Monitor is a basic unit that lets you receive live flow data, as well as leak and freeze alerts. It also gathers usage data so you can compare water use from month to month.

If more control is needed, the next level is StreamLabs Smart Home Water Control. This device lets you shut-off your water remotely at the push of a button. It also provides greater depth in terms of feedback. This system detects things like inline water pressure, humidity, and temperature, while providing the ability to customize alerts.

Both products come with a 2-year full warranty and 3 months free of StreamPlus Enhanced.

Detect and Protect your home

A StreamLabs Monitor or Control system is an important feature of the modern home. It can provide greater peace of mind knowing that one of your biggest investments – your home – is not going to suffer from costly water damage. While you’re on vacation or away on business, you can quickly check on your home without having to call anyone, and the controls you need are right at your fingertips. Further, StreamLabs system in place can also help your family update your water usage habits so you can conserve water and save on your monthly water bill.

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