9 Sloan Products for Maximum Hygiene in Your Restroom

Last year, public hygiene was thrust to the forefront of our minds as we struggled to combat the global pandemic. Luckily, technology continues to improve the way people use public restrooms as our views about restroom design shift; more options exist than ever before to upgrade existing restrooms with state-of-the-art products without breaking your budget. Further, public funding is within reach to make upgrades possible, improving health and wellness for building occupants.

Pioneers of Change

Sloan has been a leader in shaping water usage and hygiene all over the world. Innovation has always been a part of their DNA since introducing the first flush valve in 1906. Their constant effort to reimagine and improve the status quo has made them a world leader in their industry. That tradition now continues into the 21st century as they use modern technology to create the products of tomorrow.

If you’re looking to upgrade your public restrooms, it is worthwhile to explore your options. You will then find the right function, style, and price-point for your unique needs. Here are nine products that Sloan sells that will promote better hygiene in any space.

1) Retrofit Sensor Flush Valves

An easy first step in upgrading existing restroom hygiene is to start with the flush valves. Sloan has both side-mount and top-mount options in battery-powered, solar-powered, or hard-wired units. A retrofit kit will also allow you to convert flush valves to a lower flush volume, saving water and money. Retrofit kits are easy to install and involve only two steps. One model, the EBV-200-A SMOOTH, installs in just one simple step! Some models also come with a True Mechanical Override, allowing operation even if your facility loses power.

2. Bluetooth Faucets and Flush Valves

Bluetooth systems allow us to interact with products like never before. Staff can now get usage data that is useful to guide planning. For example, products alert staff if they are out of order and allow settings to be changed via smartphone.

3. SloanTec Glaze

Improving the quality of surfaces themselves is also an effective way to combat germs and improve hygiene. Sloan offers its SloanTec Hydrophobic glaze on all of its china fixtures to allow for deeper cleaning. Other standard glazes on china can scratch or wear off over time. In contrast, SloanTec glaze changes the surface on a microscopic level to repel liquids and stifle germ growth.

4. Tooshlights

A modern trend in restroom design is to have stalls that extend to the floor. While that is great for privacy and germ prevention, it can be hard to tell whether or not a stall is in use. Luckily their Tooshlight product signals users when a space is open while improving and ordering the flow of restroom traffic.

5. Sloan Aer-Dec Sink Systems

Wouldn’t it be nice if restroom users could wash and dry in the same spot? Well, now it is possible with the Sloan Aer-Dec Sink Systems. The Aer-Dec provides touch-free washing, rinsing, and drying all in the same space. This feature eliminates the mess and hazard of wet floors as users move into place to dry their dripping hands. Further, the need for paper towels disappears, resulting in cost savings and less hassle for maintenance team members.

6. Basys Self-Guided Handwash Faucet

Life is often so busy that gentle reminders are welcomed to ensure we don’t forget or rush crucial tasks. Sloan offers a faucet in their Basys line that guides washers through the 5-steps of a CDC-recommended handwash. This faucet provides a helpful reminder for everyone but is especially relevant in healthcare settings, where proper handwashing is critical.

7. Mobile Handwash Stations

Sometimes the needs of our spaces change. Different events in the same space may require rearranging elements to accommodate different crowds. We need to be flexible. The Sloan Mobile Handwash Stations make touch-free handwashing available wherever you need it, indoors or out. Multiple configurations of faucets, soap dispensers, and water supplies make this a versatile unit suitable for any gathering.

8. Sensor Soap Dispensers

One often overlooked touch-point in the public restroom is the soap dispenser, yet there are many advantages to having a touch-free soap dispenser placed next to the faucet. A touch-free soap dispenser gives the user a metered amount of soap in the palm of their hand, doing away with contact to handle bacteria and excess soap usage. The deck-mounted setup assures soap is aimed at the sink basin, in contrast to hand-operated wall-mount models, which often drip soap and leave a puddle of soap on the countertop below. Soap cartridges are quick and easy to replace, and many of the Sloan soap dispenser designs match their faucets, providing a unified look.  

9. Sensor Hand Dryers

Sloan has overhauled its line of hand dryers to make them faster, quieter, and more energy-efficient. Select models have optional HEPA filters that greatly reduce contaminants, while anti-microbial wall guards impede the growth of bacteria. Finally, hand dryers offer enormous cost savings over traditional paper towel units. 


In addition to a variety of products, Sloan also provides many options in terms of price points. On their website, the Good-Better-Best categories give you an idea of model pricing, suggested uses, and product pairing ideas. Sloan has also provided many resources to assist you in finding government funding made available through Covid relief efforts.

Sloan’s website also provides many real-life examples to help you determine which products are right for you. It is often helpful to browse through Sloan’s Case Studies to learn how other buildings similar to yours have benefited from their products by studying what they used and the results they achieved.

If your priority is aesthetics, then Sloan’s Image Library can be a great starting point for you. You can browse product collections by product design, color, finishes, and more. Once you see a look you like, you can learn more about the individual products used in that design.

Here to Help

Last but certainly not least, the staff at Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc. has years of experience working with Sloan products at every stage in the building process. We know that the sheer volume of restroom products out there can be daunting, so we would be happy to assist you. Let’s discuss the unique needs of your project and help you with any questions or concerns you may have as you seek to find the best product fit for your restroom. We are also available to provide any troubleshooting assistance throughout the life cycle of the product.

Consider Sloan for Your Next Project

Along with the front lobby, the public restroom is one of the most used spaces in any building, and it is often the most touched. It makes sense to design this space to have an impact on users. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the building owner and design team to ensure restrooms are hygienic for the health of all occupants.

Whether you are building a new structure or renovating an existing building, Sloan has many options available for you to equip your restroom with the latest products designed for a safe and pleasant experience.

Please call our Oak Park or Comstock Park office to speak to us or reach us via email.

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