In Stock: Acorn Controls Thermostatic Mixing Valves

In line with our commitment to high-quality products and outstanding customer service, Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc. is stocking select Acorn Controls valves to bring you a range of mixing valves that meet and exceed safety standards — all at a low cost, available when you need it.


Acorn Controls is Acorn Engineering’s new division of thermostatic showering and tempering valves. With a new training and testing facility located in Chicago, Acorn Controls’ experienced team of engineers creates and tests their products using state of the art equipment. The outcomes are unique, results-driven and patent-pending solutions, engineered for the highest level of safety possible, meeting the most challenging demands of any facility.


Model ST70 – Tempering Valve

The ST70 series Point-of-use Mixing Valves offer a safe, comfortable hand washing experience for single or multi-lavatory stations. The lead-free brass valves are ASSE 1070 certified and offered in ½’ or 3/8” sizes.

Models in Stock
ST70-12Brass body, 4.5 gpm @ 45 PSID½”
ST70-38Brass body, 4.5 gpm @ 45 PSID⅜”
ST70-38-BCTBrass body, 4.5 gpm @ 45 PSID, with brass comp. tee⅜”
MBMounting Bracket⅜”
NOTE:ST70 series mixing valves are sold in box quantities of 10 

Model MV17 — Hi-Lo Master Mixing Valves

The MV17 series Hi-Lo Master Mixing Valves are for use with hot water distribution systems. This valve significantly exceeds the ASSE 1070 requirements and is offered with brass or chrome-plated brass. All valves include ball valve shut-off.

Models in Stock
MV17-1Brass body, 12 gpm @ 45 PSID½”
MV17-2Brass body, 45 gpm @ 45 PSID¾”
MV17-3Brass body, 75 gpm @ 45 PSID1″
MV17-4Brass body, 150 gpm @ 45 PSID1-¼”
MV17-5Brass body, 225 gpm @ 45 PSID2″

Model ET71 — Emergency Tempering Valves

The ET71 series valves are offered for emergency eye and eye/face washes, as well drench showers and combination units. All valves are ASSE 1071 approved.

Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc. offers all models with an outlet temperature gauge (OTG) and locking ball valves (BVS). Acorn’s lockable ball valves meet ANSI Z358 and ASSE 1071 requirements, eliminating the need for a locked cabinet.

Models in Stock
ET71-1-OTG-BVSBrass Body, 12 gpm @ 45 PSID, Outlet Temp. Gauge,
ball valve shut-off.
ET71-2-OTG-BVSBrass Body, 43 gpm @ 45 PSID, Outlet Temp. Gauge,
ball valve shut-off.

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Acorn Controls products meet or exceed the following standards:

  • ASSE 1016-2011
  • ASSE 1017-2009
  • ASSE 1070-2004
  • ASSE 1069-2005
  • ASSE 1071-2008
  • ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 -2009
  • ASME A112.18.1 -2011
  • CSA B125.3-11

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Inquire about training at Acorn Control’s state-of-the-art Chicago-based facility.

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